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If it wasn't obvious, I don't use this journal much for anything other than talk to old friends or hanging around communities. Which means this won't get updated past this point.

Also, this is friends-locked. I can be contacted more easily at my tumblr: eclairermonte.


Oct. 22nd, 2011 09:31 pm
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You Scored as Heimdall

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I usually don't do this, if at all, but I have decided to go on a writing spree! A different kind of writing spree!

You, my friends, will request fighting know what I'm talking about. I kind of think I am not all that good at writing combat scenes, so I thought the best way to improve on that is to write more of them, more often! You can request anything, although be forewarned if I am not familiar with the series I will probably be unable to write as stellar as I would be if I was. I will try to get to all of them, of course, but there's no guarantee and such. Uhh...and that's it I think!!!!!
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I have so many frustrations about what is going on in the US and Japan right now concerning radiation, hoping people aren't dead, oil spill shenaigans, and Cesium being detected in Washington state that I was going to waste too much time on that on a post (in fact don't even ask). Instead, I'm going to write about something less stressful and controversial.
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So basically, right now I'm all tuckered out in feeling and all but I felt like it's the most fun in a tournament I've had thus ranks up to Spellbound if not right my number one now. I will post a more concise and less general feeling post about it l8ter though. I was browsing through some lj stuff and noticed a meme from long ago. I believe this would help assist in my endeavor to produce a much better result in tournaments and make me able to give people a trouncin--er, a good time. >_>

if anyone is curious about this tournament and whatnot here is the site:

1. What do you like about my writing?

2. What do you think I should try and improve upon?

3. What new things would you suggest I try, stylistically/thematically?

4. What fandom(s) would you like to see me write for, and why?
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The first five people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble/draw a picture of any pairing/character and/or prompt of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

...Because I didn't think when I commented again HAHA
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Your result for Roleplayer Test!...

The Stuntman

Random, Action-Oriented, Platonic
Screw character relationships and development, you're just here for the IC badassery. You like your roleplays to be short, sweet, and action-packed: who cares about continuity as long as your characters are always doing something awesome like blowing things up or running from the cops? You're the type of roleplayer least likely to take roleplay seriously and most likely to have your characters pull ridiculous stunts for the hell of it because hey, it's RP! What exactly is stopping you from wrestling that helicopter? Of course, your characters often tend to be flat and if there isn't anything exciting going on, you quickly lose interest entirely. But since your characters' relationships tend to be weak in the first place, you don't leave much of a gap when you leave to go fight bears with your bare hands somewhere else.

Take Roleplayer Test!
at HelloQuizzy

:| God, this is totally inaccurate....or is it? >_>
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I STILL do not possess a computer...but dad recently set up an internet connection over at my house but it seems that we will be able to get NOT kicked out of the house due to my father's idiotic move (seriously, I mean our own uncle came downstairs and said 'well if you don't sort it out like next week we're going to kick you all out', then again that's because he's a bastard). But we're also considering moving to that nice looking house down the street--I need more room anyways, I can barely stretch my legs out on the bed before it hits the damned wall and since our uncle is a freaking cheap-ass tenant, he won't fix the leak in the bathroom.

But anyway, dad said he'd be getting me a laptop and I hope that's true since well I need a computer. xD

But until then, I guess I'll just go to the library to get on a computer just like in the old days lol
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Alas, as I am still without a computer but managed to snag one during now...which is technically class time but nevertheless I count it as a great time to fill in stuff what's going on in my life seeing as I might not have any other chance to get a journal post up orz (it is a study period but somehow I have no homework :p).

First of all, my situation without a computer hasn't changed (as well as without internet and now cable) for one thing but mother said we'd might be able to remedy that sometime in July or late June. However, I am getting ready for a job interview that's supposed to be at the end of this week--I'm really excited! XD (Even though it is Market Basket but hey)

Second of all, yes I am still thinking about the Eternity tournament and somehow I'm excited about that too because I'm pretty sure somehow I'll have a computer (or borrowing a laptop lol) by then. Due to me playing Persona 4 and 3 however, my choices for sponsorship of that tournament has increased. -facepalms- I'm actually thinking about playing the main character from 3, or Akihiko--*bricked*

But that's all for now! Back to school. blarg :p
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Hello guys, you may have noticed my long absence (which was unintended) but as of May 1st 2009 I am without cable and internets (I'm sneaking on right now during Latin so that's why I have even gotten the chance to type this up) and I apologize ... like a lot. I thought I'd be able to rp at least SOMEWHERE and have like freetime but now...well, I don't so. Sorry. (Especially to Meowzy and crew) I'm so sorry. ;;


Apr. 17th, 2009 11:22 am
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I got a PSP now so recommend some games for me. 'D 

.-. .__.

Apr. 13th, 2009 07:30 pm
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Well, a certain problem of mine has...suddenly appeared. Like, I feel so drained lately that either I can't find my muses or enough inspiration to rp. *facedesks* grah.

(zombie nightmares aside, although you can all maybe guess where that stems from -grumblemutter-)

Either way, its bad because...well, it is. I have no idea what to do. ;_;

Then there's that anxiety issue I have. 
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Because I don't talk about Suikoden much at all in my journal. :/

So, anyway, I happened to read the 108 responses to the questions fans were actually able to send out to Konami, regarding the Suikoden franchise. Unstandably so I was a bit late in recieving such information since I was without a computer until lately. Anyone who wants to read them can go and

I shouldn't have been surprised that the responses by Konami were anything short of disappointing though but once again I got my hopes up on the same company that got rid of the brilliant Murayama-san. Shame on Konami, shame on them! Yet, I have hope that someday...someday there will be another good Suikoden game.

Although sometimes that company makes me wish I gave up on them like I almost had a year ago--but alas, I have not and still will not.

The answer to question 7 (on suikosource), surely goes without saying is ridiculous--I don't think I even have to explain why this is so if anyone who is a long-term Suiko-fan knows exactly what the hell I am talking about. Honestly, it is like saying it is too early for world peace (or maybe I'm just exaggerating here and getting annoyed for no reason).

As for any other reponses to the questions I basically have no further commentry because either someone else has said it for me or I think it is quite the waste of time. Big ORZ.

On the side, however, I have been reading the Water Margin--I do say that Jackson's translation is not perfect but it definitely gets the point across. Quite interesting and all (what with the 108 thieves at Liang Shang Po); Sung Chiang, I think was called the Sallow-faced Brute...for some reason that title amused me. So does the dialouge.

'Ho T'ao sent some three of his men in a small boat to go forward, and examine the tracks. As they had not returned after four hours Ho T'ao said, "Those men are not good scouts." He then sent five more of his men in two small boats to reconnoiter the tracks. But after another hour had appased those men also had not returned. Ho T'ao said, "Those men were well experienced so how is it that they have not returned to report to me? I never thought there is not a single man of the soldeirs who can get out of a scrape himself."

As it was now getting dusk he thought that it would not do to stop in that spot, but he decided to first investigate matters himself. He selected a quick boat and six of his reliable men who were armed, to pull the oars and then seating himself at the bow of the bow went towards one of the numerous tracks in the reeds. They went about two miles, and now as the sun was setting in the west he saw a man on a bank carrying a hoe. He asked him,

"Who are you? What place is this?"

The man replied,

"I live at this village. It is called the Cut off the Head Ditch. There are no thoroughfares here."' (Page 238-239, Water Margin, chapter 18)


Oh the hilarity, it kills me.
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Finally! Glad that didn't last long--I mean going without a computer  (well it did but still--) and obviously now I've obtained one ... although it is wicked slow. >_> 

Well anyway, later today I'll be on aronianknight as usual~
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Well, since I managed to grab a computer here again I suppose I should let those unaware that there is indeed a manga of this game (which I would play if I wasn't so darn lazy but it looks good...despite what Kyo said -HINTHINT-).
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Still computerless; oh well. But I grabbed one in the library so I could type down this:

Next year, I will be taking four honors courses (math, english, history, and latin) and one ap corse (AP Bio)--I've wanted to put this down somewhere so...I remember typing this up.

Also, I have been reading the Water Margin and for those of you don't know what that is it is the book that Suikoden -- the game series -- is based upon. -flees for now as she has to run back home OTL-
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Well my computer died again so I'm using a computer in the library but anyway I'll be here until they kick me out at 5 PM and tomorrow at 5 PM. geez.

My computers need to stop dying on me and uh yeah. XD


Mar. 15th, 2009 04:51 pm
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