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Hi, Luminitrium here! Anyway, I thought it would be nice if I actually wrote about something nice, heh. ^_^U. >_> Excuse the dramatic spouts along here, they're only designed to let out the stress...really. Because I am bored out of mind besides studying like a bookworm and giving myself headaches the size of those wonderful alps over there I feel like making a journal entry. Heh. XD; And so, I tried to get up around the time of five AM this morning but failed miserably in doing so despite the morning clock going off....>_____> on the HIGHEST of volumes no less! Amazing it be so? Anyway, I even almost failed to get up at six AM in the morning, yeesh. It was a nightmare forcing myself just to rise myself from my bed...I honestly did not feel like getting up this morning. I knew I should not have stayed up trying to finish watching Whistle!, it was a very valiant attempt but it cost me a lot of my energy; I cannot believe it myself's been a long while since I've watched anime for so long.

First it's Darker Than Black and now it's Whistle!; I wonder how come I missed out on these good anime will forever be a mystery to me, that's for sure. ~Laughs.~ I enjoyed Wayward as a side note and I honestly need to finish watching The Twelve Kingdoms...on the weekends. >___>; I'm afraid the same thing may just happen--you know what's funny? I have heard of these three particular anime in some point in the past where I was just like, 'oh come on, sounds just like mainstream boring anime/manga' and skipped it. XD; I wished I hadn't done was a CHORE just to find those Darker Than Black episodes, yeesh; first anime ever since in a while where I've become so enamored in the main was kinda scary but I was like fangirling over Hei.

How embarrassing.

But I guess having moments like those are nice...I mean the first time I even--you know what? Let's just change the subject. Haha. I was about to mention something about that OVA though.......-smacks self-. XD;

As usual, this morning both of the boys were a pain in the butt. Honestly, it pisses me off that they cannot make an effort to dress themselves and I just want to kill something because of it. I wish I hadn't grown so violent...there were days back in the past where I was just able to ignore what someone said so easily but now it has become harder to do so. Well, anyway, today was great I suppose since I ended up not having to go to school because...well, a pipe broke, whoopee. I think I may go to lie down for a bit maybe. I dunno. 
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Ah well. I just left the Kingdom Hearts forum I had once frequented so much in the past--I feel quite left out whenever I visit coupled with the feeling that I have just lost so much interest in the place that I cannot seem to even muster up enough motivation to continue that role-play I was once interested in. I feel that it is important to dedicate a journal entry to that site because I had joined it so many years ago and yet I feel like I still know not one person on that site except for maybe two personas? Four actually. Anyway, I have to say that I am a very indecisive person when trying to make a decision but surprisingly when I thought of leaving the forums I...sadly did not have any second thoughts on that. I did not even consult anybody about it. I feel really stressed out whenever I go on the forums to the point where I realize it's not fucking worth it and just browsing around the site like a lost prisoner is just a waste of my time. I guess I hope that no one is mad at me for reaching this decision? I highly doubt so.

So, I guess I'll list what I can remember I had done during my activity at such a once-wonderful place:

1. Day One, I think I had forgot to make an intro thread so I made one later I suppose.

2. Sometime later, I joined my first role-play was a Kingdom Hearts one I believe--but I cannot remember for the life of me. -laughs-

3. Sometime I became afraid of Lionheart. Moving on.

4. I joined OBS-CURE around this time.

5. ...Nothing happened here, there was a long period of hiatus here.

6. I'm sorry but I cannot remember and I'm not going to look back I suppose? Maybe I joined another role-play. Can't remember though! XP.

7. Skipping way ahead of myself perhaps, this is when I saw some information regarding Eternity.

8. On the forum side of things, Eternity: Heart & Soul began and it was a whole lot of fun. So much fun....the most fun I've EVER had on the forums. =/

9. Left.

I think that's it. Well, I was feeling like everyone there already had their places set--I was the only one who didn't feel like I belonged there (and....maybe someone else too >< ). Anyway, I have to say that I did however feel little uneasy about leaving but when I typed up those words I supposed it was time for me to actually leave. -laughs- Anyway, besides those selfish reasons stemming from my feelings...a particular matter of importance has indeed presented itself before me which gives me more incentive and reason to prolong/possibly never come back to the forums my absence from the forums. That is school. I need to study. ~Laughs.~ I know that sounds ridiculous but school is now my prominent reason of my absence on the internets and my departure from Gaia. School is more important than the internet ever will be--mark my words on this.

In recent news, I think I may play Star Ocean: Till The End of Time for Albel. -scratches head- I just found out tenk's proposal may make my potential sponsorship for Hei in the 'yep impossible' range. I do not think he has had experience in space, do you? XDDD Well.

...For those who are somehow deeply affected by this I ask that you do not stalk me to death, and accept my deepest of apologies.

Now for those who may want to complain about this, I have a nice line for you: "Blame Yourself or God."


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