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Hi, Luminitrium here! Anyway, I thought it would be nice if I actually wrote about something nice, heh. ^_^U. >_> Excuse the dramatic spouts along here, they're only designed to let out the stress...really. Because I am bored out of mind besides studying like a bookworm and giving myself headaches the size of those wonderful alps over there I feel like making a journal entry. Heh. XD; And so, I tried to get up around the time of five AM this morning but failed miserably in doing so despite the morning clock going off....>_____> on the HIGHEST of volumes no less! Amazing it be so? Anyway, I even almost failed to get up at six AM in the morning, yeesh. It was a nightmare forcing myself just to rise myself from my bed...I honestly did not feel like getting up this morning. I knew I should not have stayed up trying to finish watching Whistle!, it was a very valiant attempt but it cost me a lot of my energy; I cannot believe it myself's been a long while since I've watched anime for so long.

First it's Darker Than Black and now it's Whistle!; I wonder how come I missed out on these good anime will forever be a mystery to me, that's for sure. ~Laughs.~ I enjoyed Wayward as a side note and I honestly need to finish watching The Twelve Kingdoms...on the weekends. >___>; I'm afraid the same thing may just happen--you know what's funny? I have heard of these three particular anime in some point in the past where I was just like, 'oh come on, sounds just like mainstream boring anime/manga' and skipped it. XD; I wished I hadn't done was a CHORE just to find those Darker Than Black episodes, yeesh; first anime ever since in a while where I've become so enamored in the main was kinda scary but I was like fangirling over Hei.

How embarrassing.

But I guess having moments like those are nice...I mean the first time I even--you know what? Let's just change the subject. Haha. I was about to mention something about that OVA though.......-smacks self-. XD;

As usual, this morning both of the boys were a pain in the butt. Honestly, it pisses me off that they cannot make an effort to dress themselves and I just want to kill something because of it. I wish I hadn't grown so violent...there were days back in the past where I was just able to ignore what someone said so easily but now it has become harder to do so. Well, anyway, today was great I suppose since I ended up not having to go to school because...well, a pipe broke, whoopee. I think I may go to lie down for a bit maybe. I dunno. 


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