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I have so many frustrations about what is going on in the US and Japan right now concerning radiation, hoping people aren't dead, oil spill shenaigans, and Cesium being detected in Washington state that I was going to waste too much time on that on a post (in fact don't even ask). Instead, I'm going to write about something less stressful and controversial.

My thoughts on TMT:

As I am doing a first mobious double reacharound about the tournament as a whole, I must talk about my pre-thoughts as well. I thought quite frankly that I would sponsor Zexion for the tournament and I even had what one would call a 'story' I would go in with him. It would be mysterious, mystical, full of mindfuckery, and generally mindblowingly awesome, yes. But then sometime along in my two-month preplanning I became bored with the idea, even though I had an awesome sig, an even prepared nine page written prologue, and a cool icon. Then I lost complete interest.

There is somewhere in between this I entertained the idea of being on the hosting team for TMT, but then I decided once again I would rather sponsor. Of course, then I was looking at my awesome idea for Zexion but once again I felt like it was a total "BLUH" and so I just moved on in life. Luckily, for me, the tournament didn't start then otherwise I am pretty sure that during that time I would have just not done much of anything at all. Being inspired and motivated is a lot too besides being crazy prepared.

In this time, I got into Homestuck. Somehow. I think it was because finally wherever I looked I could not unsee people talking about it and it pissed me off. So then by the time I had caught up on the series, suddenly TMT was starting and hearing a lot of great things about the system (ok that's my bias ssshhhh) I was excited (more about the story of course). I was ready.

I was ready to go in without a plan.

Basically that was my actual whole thing for whenever I wrote during the tournament -- I didn't preplan my posts ... except that one time ... and it worked admirably. I was secretly happy to know I got Helmar to read 600+ pages of the nonsense legion that is great but also Homestuck. Secretly it also simultaneously made me ultra nervous that I was failing in every degree manageable. In a way this sponsorship was different from most of mine. One of the facts that it was of the female gender and I tend to sponsors/write guys. Another one is I didn't actually have an idea of what her 'personality' was beyond just psychotic, friendly, and sort of Chaotic Lawful. Which, was good, because I'm pretty sure that was most of it besides some more complicated intricticies I'm pretty sure I missed.

Also, I actually wanted to sponsor Tavros ten times more but I wanted to try Terezi because she was so <i>different</i> to me.

But anyway, the funny thing is I'm kind of capricious when it comes to feeling and motivation...I was hit with another wave of apathy right as the tournament started. I almost even dropped out of the tournament, which also had to with the fact that I lost use of my laptop due to the charger dying on me. And guess who didn't have the moneys to get them? I DIDN'T. My parents sure as hell didn't. So I was kind of like, 'eh'.

But then as I lie in the middle of night thinking and thinking, I got kind of a little annoyed at myself. I mean I was talking to Veers a lot about the gameplay, I think I said I was absolutely interested and couldn't wait. I also remember being charged, writing a description for this fictional character as fast as I can. Then, of course there was Fabian--wait, that's not what we're talking about here. So I wasted some time on the description I wrote, which was a pain in the ass to write oh my god you know how much I hate writing those?

(also I'm glad I didn't sponsor Gamzee (who I was considering as well) everyone would have killed me in every round)

So I felt miserable for giving up so easily, especially when (at that time) I had so much time on my hands. So to the annoyance of my brother, I plunged headfirst into the tournament...round 1 at like near the end with a borrowed computer. To my pleasant surprise I hadn't done all that bad. It's kind of funny because I can compare it to my Written In The Stars sponsorship in that manner:

WitS: Cute gameplay total background generated by Krizard, but clearly shows that I was basically nicking in at the last minute and made it like SoulShard. Damn, where did he go?

TMT: Graph background, clearly (not) shows I came in near the end but still didn't do too bad. it a coincidence Dry happened to sponsor Oersted in these two tournaments? Is it a coincidence I still need to finish reading WitS? Nope.

Thanks for Helmar giving me that great idea btw. You know what it is even if you don't.

fuck this I'm writing the rest of this in leet. i tried not to do any behind the scenes stuff either because i didn't g1v3 4 fuck.



Ok so let's start with round 1, I felt like I was racing against the clock here but I generally felt like the round was fun despite me writing my posts first on paper hehehe. It was pretty boring as fuck otherwise of course but hey. Ok so round 2..........

I was like sure I wouldn't be able to get a computer from then on to get there in time but hallejuah a mac just mysteriously found its way into my hands. Luckily for everyone involved no one will never know.

Round 2 I liked the best, because I had no idea what the fuck I was doing -- in both gameplay and writing. I just flied and tried my best. It was then I started going 'fuck this I'm doing whenever' which you know works wonders in Terezi's case somehow. Gosh, did you know I have to sometimes contain my incessant manaical giggling? It's insane.


Ok so that was wonderufl Durandal Shodan awesome Darkken was amazing did you know how amazing it was it was flippin amazing!!!!!!!!!! Ok so, I love everyone. darghl; No matter how many times JSG said he had a hard time with Laura-X I will say that once again his writing continues to amaze me.

Round three, ok well this round. ;; sniff sniff oh I'm still craying....CRYING HERE THAT I DIDN'T GET TO WRITE MORE FUCK (plas goes here somewhere)

Unfortunately that's when I started to get really tired and damn if only I had written faster a certain fight scene would have sort of continued in my post. But fuck the way it went the post after that had retconned the significant talk afterwards. XD


Ok to the Round 4 overview.

I liked it a lot, and I was kind of expecting one character at least in the tournament and that was Remilia. No, not Cray's, even though I was expecting that too. It was nice and pretty awesome. God, I suck at writing these. I liked the dancing part a lot too. bluh Remilia was nice here too, Cray's I mean. Hehehehe

Round 5 was...oh my god. this was when I think many of the Sponsors good writing kicked it up a notch like TTs Stark's...oh I'm too tired to write this

Finals was amazingly stessful but awesome. I could write so many of my feelings here but it wouldn't matter in the end. Because of Locke's amazingness, I expected Zeke to be inserted right here though. Something happened, however and that was not so.....but in the end everyone wrote a good story and it is why I am having such a hard time with awards even if they're meant for fun. >:S

I loved TMT, it is the best tournament and had the best hosts. It also has created the best Gameplay--I loved the Private voting in particular for those who wouldn't have been able to possibly win the gameplay but whose writing was deserving...oh my god I'm shutting up that sounds egotistical somehow. I also liked the regular LP system because I thought it had a cool title, cooler than XP ... you're trying to SURVIVE. It was by far the most simplest gameplay thing I have used since the old style in RFTA and I liked it like that. The only thing that killed me is that I kind of like to consider myself an aggressive player sometimes particularly when I think I am going to lose. I am very competitive (I am also a sore loser), but this time around I could actually see the end of Sponsors if I looked to the bottom and that made me very nervous. There was an extreme lack of healing abilities/defensive, which I found to be very obvious. for the first time though I realized I had to be careful or I thought I DID until round 5 came around and it was obvious that instead of LP being lost via numerous culmulitive amounts of damage it was kept. A pleasant surprise for some but also an unpleasant surprise at the same time (but I kind of got really excited kill me). It was basically a cutthroat enviroment that formed and I thought for sure it was obvious who was going to back who...for a while it was too. I stayed up later sometimes because of gameplay results and got up earlier because of them but also because of my desire to write.

This all in total did wonders to me sleeping schedule. I had a lot of work to do these tourny weeks--4 projects in English, one in math, continous tests in fucking English, quizzes in Law, and oh my god whaddya know a shit load of HW in Epidemology. Still, it was amazing and I would do it all over again....even though I'm still recovering from it now. But anyway, in comparison to other tournaments I feel this has been the funnest I have ever done since well ETERNITY HEART  & SOUL GAIDEN as well as HEART & SOUL... and that's saying a lot.

AETERNITY: shit, all the fucking time. I was feeling likethat. Then as I started to get my groove it got cancelled.

Wayward: Shit, all the fucking time. It was during midterms.

WitS: I had no computer, had to borrow mom's but I fel like shit all the fucking time dueto lack of time and I wanted to quit.

RFTA: I loved round 2, round 3 sucked for me and it continued to suck onwards...for me. I had a hard time writing.

Spellbound: It was cool and awesome, but I had the biggest feeling that I was doing Luc wrong ALL THE TIME. My insecurity was my worst enemy, it kept me from writing something awesome and daring in the finals round. So I still had my regrets on that to the point I'm too embarrassed to look at my writing during the round. :'(

TMT: everything was fuckin perfect, I just needed to ...... hehehe.

Well that's it for now!
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