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Because I don't talk about Suikoden much at all in my journal. :/

So, anyway, I happened to read the 108 responses to the questions fans were actually able to send out to Konami, regarding the Suikoden franchise. Unstandably so I was a bit late in recieving such information since I was without a computer until lately. Anyone who wants to read them can go and

I shouldn't have been surprised that the responses by Konami were anything short of disappointing though but once again I got my hopes up on the same company that got rid of the brilliant Murayama-san. Shame on Konami, shame on them! Yet, I have hope that someday...someday there will be another good Suikoden game.

Although sometimes that company makes me wish I gave up on them like I almost had a year ago--but alas, I have not and still will not.

The answer to question 7 (on suikosource), surely goes without saying is ridiculous--I don't think I even have to explain why this is so if anyone who is a long-term Suiko-fan knows exactly what the hell I am talking about. Honestly, it is like saying it is too early for world peace (or maybe I'm just exaggerating here and getting annoyed for no reason).

As for any other reponses to the questions I basically have no further commentry because either someone else has said it for me or I think it is quite the waste of time. Big ORZ.

On the side, however, I have been reading the Water Margin--I do say that Jackson's translation is not perfect but it definitely gets the point across. Quite interesting and all (what with the 108 thieves at Liang Shang Po); Sung Chiang, I think was called the Sallow-faced Brute...for some reason that title amused me. So does the dialouge.

'Ho T'ao sent some three of his men in a small boat to go forward, and examine the tracks. As they had not returned after four hours Ho T'ao said, "Those men are not good scouts." He then sent five more of his men in two small boats to reconnoiter the tracks. But after another hour had appased those men also had not returned. Ho T'ao said, "Those men were well experienced so how is it that they have not returned to report to me? I never thought there is not a single man of the soldeirs who can get out of a scrape himself."

As it was now getting dusk he thought that it would not do to stop in that spot, but he decided to first investigate matters himself. He selected a quick boat and six of his reliable men who were armed, to pull the oars and then seating himself at the bow of the bow went towards one of the numerous tracks in the reeds. They went about two miles, and now as the sun was setting in the west he saw a man on a bank carrying a hoe. He asked him,

"Who are you? What place is this?"

The man replied,

"I live at this village. It is called the Cut off the Head Ditch. There are no thoroughfares here."' (Page 238-239, Water Margin, chapter 18)


Oh the hilarity, it kills me.
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